Curriculum Gap Analysis

Does your training and support to farmer organizations fit the market? Check to make sure, with a Curriculum Gap Analysis.

As a capacity builder, you want to know to what extent your training curriculum fits the needs of the market. A Curriculum Gap Analysis helps you see if you’re able to offer the right, market-driven, training services to farmers and farmer organizations.

Target group

Organizations that provide training and support to farmer organizations, such as NGOs, consultants and other capacity builders.


  • You and SCOPEinsight sign an NDA
  • You submit your training materials to SCOPEinsight
    Recommended materials include: manuals distributed to training providers, lecturer notes, PowerPoint presentations, handouts, exercises and/or case studies used in the program
  • The training materials are reviewed and the evaluation is completed, with the help of Performance Objectives derived from the SCOPE assessment tools,  to work out the extent to which the materials adequately cover the skills and knowledge needed to help the farmer organizations become more professional
  • You receive a report that clearly indicates the strengths and gaps in the training material. Any gaps are clearly described and accompanied with recommendations on how to make improvements.

Benefits for you

  • Obtain an independent analysis of the strong and weak areas in your training curriculum
  • Get recommendations for making your training materials more market-driven and aligned with the SCOPE assessment tools
  • Provide more effective and efficient training services to farmer organizations in your portfolio
  • Stimulate and grow the level of professionalism of farmer organizations
  • Unlock business deals and create a natural exit point from capacity building to the market, by gaining trust and recognition from market players.


The price for a Curriculum Gap Analysis is dependent on the available material for the analysis. Please contact Marise Blom for more information.

Do you want to have your training materials analyzed?

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