What We Do

We understand farmer professionalism

SCOPEinsight provides you with the actionable insights you need to make better informed investment decisions and target your interventions for farmer organizations.

Assessor Training and Assessments
Our innovative Assessment Tools provide you insights into the level of professionalism of farmer organizations. Our assessments need to be conducted by certified SCOPE assessors. We train your staff or your local partners to become SCOPE Assessors, so you can incorporate the assessments in your own activities.

Business Intelligence
Analysis of assessment data helps to improve the effectiveness of your service delivery to farmer organizations, increasing impact with the same resources. This data enables you to segment farmer organizations, increasing your success rate. Additionally, this information helps to reduce the information risks ands financing costs, thus presenting new market opportunities. Contact us to find out more!

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Why We Do It

We drive sustainable agricultural markets

To increase food security, farming in emerging economies should be about productive, efficient and well-managed businesses. The more professional agricultural businesses are, the better they are able to provide sufficient, good-quality food in a sustainable way.

Targeted investments in terms of training, inputs, loans, and other forms of support, make farmer organizations more professional. We know that providers of these services have a number of questions before investing in agriculture:

  • How do you judge just how professional farmer organizations are, individually and compared to others?
  • What can you do to increase the level of professionalism of farmer organizations?
  • How can you understand the investment needs of farmer organizations?
  • How do you know which farmer organizations meet the current investment standards?

SCOPEinsight solutions can help you answer these questions.

How Our Services Can Help You

We reduce your investment costs and risks

We can help you to focus your investments in farmer organizations and create impact and returns in more efficient and effective ways. Using our solutions, you will be able to:

  • Segment farmer organizations based on their business performance and professionalism
  • Build a pipeline of professional farmer organizations
  • Make better informed investment decisions on the input, finance and (training) services needed per farmer organization, lowering your operational costs and risks
  • Offer services that help you increase the quality of your value chain or portfolio
  • Monitor the impact of investments within your value chain or portfolio
  • Compare performance scores of farmer organizations within your value chain or portfolio and across the industry
  • Empower farmer organizations to meet market expectations and connect them to the right business partners.

Ultimately, this improves the quality of produce, increases the productivity of farmers and inspires and educates a new generation of farmers. It enables farmers to grow their businesses and contributes to a thriving economic sector.