Gerbrand Meijer

Gerbrand is an Innovation Manager with a track record in broadcast and media. Gerbrand has worked on demanding projects in complex organisations like broadcaster RTL and Schiphol Airport. Here he has achieved sustainable results by openly addressing problems head-first. He is an optimistic person yet very realistic about the opportunities and limitations of what technology can achieve, a rare quality in the often reality-distorted tech world.

As an engineer he learned that creative freedom and focus on quality is how to lead and motivate the best developers. As a project manager he experienced how tough it can be to realize excellence in a corporate environment. Today he helps organisations to innovate by building the skills, team and architecture to make practical use of the latest technology.

Besides consulting, Gerbrand runs a series of ventures and experiments in IoT, machine learning, serverless infrastructure and marketing automation to understand and evaluate the latest and greatest. In his spare time, you can often find him sailing and maintaining a skûtsje, the traditional sailing cargo boats/engineering marvel of the late 19th century.

Areas of expertise

User experience, Agile methodologies, Software solution architecture