Meet the SCOPE team! Eline – Business Development

Name: Eline Arnoldy
Age: 31
Nationality: Dutch

Tell us about yourself. Give us your elevator speech.
My name is Eline and live in Amsterdam. I have an academic background in both international business and development studies. After my studies, I started my career in banking as a corporate management trainee and specialized in trade and commodity finance. I learned a great deal about finance, trade, agribusiness and markets. After 4 years in banking, I decided to take my knowledge and skills and move to a job where I could be more entrepreneurial and make a meaningful contribution to poverty alleviation and food security globally. That’s how I became a Business Development Manager at SCOPEinsight.

What is your job title? What does this actually mean in terms of what do you do each day?
I’m Business Development Manager, which means I’m responsible for growing our business so we can realize our vision of advancing farmer professionalism. On a day to day basis this means I’m talking a lot to our partners or potential new partners on how we can support their programs but I also drive the development of SCOPEinsight’s business model and work closely together with product development, operations and marketing to ensure our activities there are aligned to what our partners need.

What is the coolest project you worked on so far or one you are really excited about?
At this moment I’m working on a project for Cargill and IFC which I really enjoy. Together with the other partners involved we are assessing the impact and lessons learned of Cargills’ Coop Academy Program in Ivory Coast. At the end of this month I will travel to Ivory Coast to see the fieldwork. So far we are learning very exciting and useful things from this project.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I really enjoy the versatility and challenges of my job. I get to work with people with different backgrounds from all over the world. And because SCOPEinsight is an innovative social enterprise with a very ambitious mission in a challenging sector, every day brings new challenges and problems that need to be solved. Never a boring moment at SCOPEinsight.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?
I love to do sports in my free time and are currently training for my very first triathlon.

What book, movie or series are you currently into?
I’m reading Lean In from Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook. It’s about how women are perceived and wired different from men and how this impacts them in the workplace. I don’t know if I agree with all her recommendations but it is an interesting read that I would recommend to all men and women. I was especially shocked how much inequality there still is between women and men in the workplace and how little I was aware of this.

How do you drink your coffee?
I don’t drink coffee! I do not handle caffeine very well. In general I’m a pretty energetic and jumpy person so I guess adding coffee to this mix would be just a bit too much.