Looking back on an inspiring webinar

On the 24th and 30th of August, SCOPEinsight hosted a webinar on using geodata for farmer professionalism which was initiated by G4AW (Geodata for Agriculture and Water) executed by NSO (Netherlands Space Office). Adri Bakker, representative of G4AW, strongly believes in farmer professionalism and the opportunities that arise by combining the services of SCOPEinsight with geodata services. At the end of the webinar (see recording below) he added: “Providing geodata based information services in a proper way is a tough job. You cannot only look at the technical side of this. Professionalization of farmers is very important. SCOPE insight’s approach can support that. Not only existing projects can benefit from this approach, but it will also be useful for upcoming projects”.  

Both webinar sessions were filled with enthusiastic participants ranging from capacity builders, providers of geodata based information services, researchers and financial providers. The main objective of the webinar was to highlight the potential of meeting SCOPEinsight farmer professionalism scores with spatial data to create insights for all types of organizations and programs. The benefits of this turn out to be manifold:

  • It provides comprehensive insights in farmers needs and risks
  • It builds more efficient and more targeted interventions and services towards farmers
  • Farmers are able to become more professional, ready to adopt and pay for geodata services
  • Financial Institutions and other investors can reduce risk and transaction costs

The webinar was an important call onto data innovators to share their knowledge on the topic. We herewith want to thank all participants for their pro-active contributions. We received enthusiastic comments and questions on the methodology of SCOPEinsight and the correlation farmer professionalism has with financial inclusion. The SCOPEinsight scores inform on the risk of Financial Institutions and they learn more on issues faced by farmer organizations and how to work together with capacity builders to increase the bankability of farmers.

We look forward to see if there are more synergies with and between the webinar participants.  Were you not able to make it to our webinars, but would you like to dive into the topic together with SCOPEinsight? Sign up for a free consulting hour here.

The presentation of the webinar can be found here. Or take a look at the webinar recording!