Free 30-minute webinar on how to scale-up

Whether we speak to capacity builders, traders or financial institutions, we often come across a sense of urgency to advance farmer professionalism at scale. This motivated us to organize a short interactive webinar to discuss your ambitions and challenges in scaling-up and to tell you more about how SCOPEinsight’s solutions can support you in this journey.

This webinar will not take more than 30 minutes. After the webinar you will:

  • understand how SCOPEinsight’s solutions can add value to your program and strategy
  • know how to successfully implement our solutions
  • have access to a special discounted offer

The webinar will be held on the 3rd, 5th and 6th of July (depending on your timezone). We kindly invite you to register (below) as there will be limited places available.

Sign up for the webinar in your timezone

America’s: July 3rd
(09:00 Mexico City, 10:00 Washington, 11:00 São Paulo)
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Europe, Africa & Asia: July 5th
(10:00 Amsterdam, 13:30 New Delhi, 11:00 Nairobi, 16:00 Singapore)
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America’s: July 6th
09:00 Mexico City, 10:00 Washington, 11:00 São Paulo
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