What does farmer professionalism have to do with Earth Day?

maybe everything…

Earth Day 2019 is here, and it gives us an opportunity to reflect on our commitment to the environment and is a call to action to support our most precious resource.  The agricultural sector is often singled out as being at odds with environmental sustainability and hence, something which is negatively viewed. However, farmers are closer to the land and therefore can be the best caretakers of the earth.  Certain agricultural practices can help protect the earth.  For example, modern farming techniques lead to a significant decrease in soil erosion (i.e. low-till farming reduces soil erosion by 65% and no-till farming cut erosion by as much as 98%)[1].  We also see that the more professional a farmer is, the more likely s/he is to employ sustainable farming practices (see below).  So on this Earth Day, let’s celebrate all the professionalized farming organizations who are both caretakers of our food supply but also of the earth.

Data shows that there is a significant positive relation between Internal Management and environmental practices.

Explanation: The Internal Management dimension measures the quality of how an organization manages, governs and plans its business to achieve its objectives. The stronger an organization’s Internal Management the more capable it is to implement and improve its environmental practices (e.g. water, waste and agrochemical management).



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