The Agribusiness Market Ecosystem Alliance (AMEA)

Initiated by SCOPEinsight and founded together with international partners IFCICCO, VECO, NCBA CLUSA, ACDI VOCA, IDH, ABN AMRO and Argidius, AMEA is a multi-stakeholder platform, bringing together key players in the Agribusiness sector including both private and public organizations. AMEA is introducing a new holistic approach to help professionalize farmers and create opportunities for them in the marketplace. AMEA establishes a globally recognized standard through which actors can access farmer data and connect with the right interventions to increase the success of farmers and their programs.

An organized market ecosystem where professional farmers have access to markets, finance, training and inputs at scale.

To collaborate with entrepreneurial stakeholders to create a continuously improving, quality controlled ecosystem, based on a common vision, definition, and standardized methodology for enabling farmer professionalism at scale.

What are AMEA’s objectives?
To enable effective market linkages by using standardized metrics in the AMEA ecosystem that give input for both graduation and due diligence (risks).

By 2020, AMEA aims to:
– Have a membership base of 50 global stakeholders
– Work in more than 15 countries and dominant in 6 main crops
– Build accredited training curricula aligned with tools and create a learning agenda
– Develop a list of accredited and qualified (local) trainers and capacity builders
– Have assessed over 1,500 producer organizations

How does it work?
We professionalize towards a quality capacity building cycle
AMEA ensures a coordinated, quality controlled capacity building infrastructure. The AMEA community uses common metrics, tools and curricula on a global scale to graduate farmer organizations to higher levels of professionalism.

Standardised metrics for graduation
While all AMEA members use the same standardized metrics (SCOPE assessment tools), we can link supply and demand and enable all parties to benchmark their data.

Effective market linkages
Market players (e.g. financial institutions, traders, processors) can identify reliable businesses and develop new products and services through the AMEA network and shared data sources. Thanks to data-driven market links, transaction costs and risks are lower while the pipeline of deals can be made more scalable.

Who should join AMEA?
– Capacity builders
– Financial institutions
– Insurance companies
– Value chain actors (traders, offtakers, corporates, input providers, manufacturers)
– Donors
– Knowledge partners
– Local conveners