Assessor Training

Interested in using the SCOPE assessment tools? Get trained on the assessment methodology.

SCOPE assessments are conducted by trained and qualified assessors. You can train your own assessors via our e-training program. The Assessor Training builds your in-house knowledge on how to conduct SCOPE ProBasic or Agent assessments.

Target group

Organizations and companies working with farmer organizations, such as NGOs, consultants, certification organizations, traders or processors that are interested in independently assessing and monitoring the performance of farmer organizations.

Assessor Training process

  1. Interested organizations select staff, from their own organization or from partner organizations, for the training and select the assessment tool(s) on which they want to be trained.
  2. The selected trainees get access to an e-learning environment. Over the course of 2 weeks, the trainees follow 8 modules using different types of training, including webinars, quizzes, interviews, case studies and more. The training focuses not only on the rationale behind the tools, assessment processes and how the system and scoring works, but also on soft skills such as interview techniques and communication skills.
  3. During the course, trainees submit assignments via recordings, videos and reports.
  4. At the end the trainee takes the final exam. If the trainee passes successfully, they receive an official SCOPE assessor certificate.

Certified assessors get access to the SCOPE applications allowing them to conduct assessments in the field. An assessor certificate is personal and valid for one year. It can be renewed via refresher training.


The e-training system consists of 8 different modules, which trainees follow over the course of two weeks. 





LMS.QuizThe knowledge of trainees is tested using different types of training, including webinars, quizzes, interviews, case studies and more.







Do you want to get trained on the tools?

Contact Otto Wormgoor.

“ The lessons are understandable, with video training, documentation and clear explanations, complemented with sharing experiences between the trainers and other trainees in the webinar (ICCO) ”