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Track Record

We are a globally acclaimed company

To transform the agricultural market, we aim to make our assessment methodology the global standard for scoring professionalism by the year 2025.

To date, we have facilitated:

insights   Over 1900+ assessments (both SCOPE Pro and SCOPE Basic)

sustainability   In 36 countries worldwide spanning 24 agricultural sectors

00_sustainability   Reaching more than 5.1 million smallholder farmers

zoom   85% of the data required by investors is provided in our Assessment Profiles.

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Case Studies

We create a common language in agricultural markets

We work with many different stakeholders in agriculture, who all need insight into the professionalism of farmer organizations for a variety of reasons:

  • Capacity builders, such as NGOs, extension service providers or consultants, need to professionalize farmer organizations with support and training
  • Value chain players, such as a traders, processors or input suppliers, need a secure and sustainable value supply chain with professional farmers
  • Financial institutions are looking for low cost and low risk investment opportunities in agriculture

Take a look at the case studies below to see how our services benefit these organizations and how they could benefit yours.

Stimulating access to finance together with ICCO’s Agribusiness Booster
Securing sustainable supply chains with Cargill and IFC
Enabling standardized and market-driven capacity building for VECO


Initiated by SCOPEinsight and founded together with international partners IFC, ICCO, VECO, NCBA CLUSA, ACDI VOCA, IDH, ABN AMRO and Argidius, the Agribusiness Market Ecosystem Alliance (AMEA) is a multi-stakeholder platform, bringing together key players in the Agribusiness sector including both private and public organizations. AMEA is introducing a new holistic approach to help professionalize farmers and create opportunities for them in the marketplace. AMEA establishes a globally recognized standard through which actors can access farmer data and connect with the right interventions to increase the success of farmers and their programs.

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We value partnerships

We aim to make our partners excel in improving the level of professionalism of farmer organizations. When all stakeholders in the agricultural sector have a common understanding of what professionalism is, this will increase transparency and business opportunities for all.

We can’t do this alone.

Through building strong partnerships, we can all be empowered to connect around a shared vision of how to professionalize the sector.

Some of our partners:


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