The SCOPE Pro assessment tool: “A compass that exactly shows you what you need to change and improve to enter new markets and find reliable business partners.

The success story of André Luiz Nápravník, founder of Natur S.R.L. A Bolivian organization specialized in developing freeze-dried fruits.

Farmer organizations are more likely to get access to finance and markets after measuring their farmer professionalism with the SCOPE Pro assessment tool. This assessment tool provides detailed insights into the strengths and weaknesses of FOs to scale their impact. The Bolivian freeze-dried fruit company Natur S.R.L. also benefited from this assessment tool. They now supply their freeze-dried fruits globally to more than 50 clients, and also successfully entered the local Bolivian market.

4 years ago, André Luiz Nápravník started his company Natur S.R.L. Together with his team he developed a unique way of closely working together with local qualified producers who exclusively supply Natur S.R.L. good quality fruits, like acai, maca, mango, and banana. Furthermore, they use the ‘lyophilization’ technology to freeze dry fruits themselves at a low temperature, with minimal change of flavor and maintaining the nutritional values.

Besides their aim to enter international markets, they also want to supply their fruits to local companies and consumers. That is why in 2015 they started working together with Agribusiness Booster, now named (, a cooperation who creates profitable opportunities that lead to more employment and higher income for people in developing countries.  André: “Although we would like to supply our fruits to local companies and consumers, it is not easy to operate in the Bolivian market. We are glad that we are still working on this project together with”

While everyone at Natur S.R.L. was focusing on their day to day work, they didn’t know what they exactly needed to change to enter new international markets. Andre: “I exactly wanted to know where the growth potential of the company lied. Therefore advised us to conduct the SCOPE Pro assessment.” The SCOPE Pro assessment has been conducted in preparation to a business development trajectory of to increase the professionalism of the company. By co-entrepreneuring with Natur, strengthen the relationship and became an equity partner in the company.

At Natur S.R.L. they benefitted from a variety of focus point that was shown in the report of the assessment. André: “We used the detailed results of the assessment as a compass and therefore decided to change the organic ramp of the company. Now we work more efficiently because every manager has his own responsibilities. We also partnered together with an accountant to improve our financial performance and hired several employees to ship our fruits ourselves. Besides this, we invested in our equipment and software to improve our work productivity.”

Shortly after the assessment, André immediately harvested results: “We rapidly found new reliable business partners and clients, because they could read the trustworthy and detailed report with all essential information.” Nowadays Natur S.R.L. has worldwide more than 50 clients in 26 countries, but that is only the beginning. André: “We aim to enter the US market soon. I’m confident we can now compete with the many competitors in this market.”

Copyright of photos: Natur S.R.L.