Launching SCOPE Pro® SME

We continuously develop our tools and solutions, in close cooperation with our clients.The latest addition to the SCOPE suite is the SCOPE Pro® SME. Otto Wormgoor, our Operations and Quality Manager, gives us an update on the latest from the Operations team: 


What are the latest developments in SCOPEinsight’s assessment tools?
– With the launch of the SCOPE Agent we completed our core set of tools of measuring professionalism of farmers and their organizations. With the SCOPE Agent focused on lead farmers, the SCOPE Basic on maturing farmer organizations and the SCOPE Pro focused on mature farmer organizations. For the SCOPE Basic we already launched a version focused on SMEs in July 2016 and we are proud to announce the launch of the SCOPE Pro SME.

Scope_SME_PROHow does SCOPE Pro and SCOPE Pro SME relate to each other?
– The SCOPE Pro SME is developed as the mirror image of the SCOPE Pro. The dimensions of the SCOPE methodology remain the same and I would say that about 95% of the questions also remain. One key difference between an SME and a farmer organization or cooperative is in its governance. Where a cooperative is governed by its members, an SME is governed by its shareholders. So especially in the dimension Internal Management questions are adapted to this different reality. The second main difference is that a cooperative mostly sources its supplies from its members whereas an SME doesn’t have members and has different type of relationship with its suppliers.

Can you give us an example of when to use SCOPE Pro SME?
   – The SCOPE Pro SME tool is aimed at mature SMEs. One important criteria is that the SME should have a minimum of three years of audited financial statements to be able to conduct the financial analysis in the Financial Performance dimension. However, maturity would can also be judged in terms of number of years in operations, the level of education of the management team and/or whether an up to date business plan is in place. For less mature SMEs you can of course use the SCOPE Basic SME tool.

DashboardWhat are you working on right now?
   – With the launch of the SCOPE Pro SME all our tools are now available in the online SCOPE App. With this feature completed our next focus is on realizing the SCOPE Dashboard. The SCOPE Dashboard will allow our clients to fully take control of the assessment process themselves. Within their assessment bundle they can create the assessments themselves and assign them to their certified assessors. Also they will have direct access to the assessment reports in the dashboard. We are also looking into options how we can make data analysis available in the dashboard to be able to slice and dice the assessment results to make most use of the data collected!

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