Heifer International – We will Accelerate our Impact

Heifer International is a development organization working in Africa, Asia, and the Americas region. In each region, they focus on strengthening the business skills, organizational capacities of small scale farmer organizations and agribusiness initiatives. We asked Jennifer Zapata, Regional Program Director in Mesoamerica region, as a new SCOPEinsight partner, to tell why and how they will use SCOPEinsight’s tools in their programs.


You recently signed up to start using SCOPEinsight’s solutions! Welcome onboard! What is the main reason you wanted to try our tools?

– To Accelerate Impact and integrate small-scale farmers into Pro Poor Value Chains.

For more than 71 years, Heifer International has assisted 115 million people through livestock, training and community development. Alongside the contributions of governments, NGOs, global institutions and civil society organizations, our work has led to improvements in income, nutrition, the environment, women’s empowerment and social capital, but not necessarily to sustainable, resilient livelihoods. Despite our collective progress, nearly 800 million people around the world still live in extreme poverty.

Heifer’s mission is to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and care for the Earth. In 2014, we set a goal to help 4 million families move out of poverty and earn a living income by 2020. A living income allows families to educate all their children; feed themselves adequately every day; and to have proper housing, water, hygiene and other essential resources. A living income fosters dignity, self-reliance and resilience.

We believe the power to achieve this mission lies in the hands of small-scale farmers and its organizations (cooperatives, associations, commercial groups, export companies), and in this sense as Heifer we are committed to  invest in local capacity, appropriate technology, training and other agricultural resources to  strengthen local economies. This is, however, only possible if we understand communities and small scale farmer’s needs, develop a vision of success together, and identify existing resources and build a plan to accomplish that vision.

With SCOPEinsight we believe we will have the information that will help us contribute more effectively to empower families and small scale farmers and their organizations to Accelerate our Impact to end hunger and poverty by developing and strengthen inclusive local economies and in this way expand farmer-owned agri-businesses, cooperatives and social enterprises so they can profitably participate in pro-poor, wealth creating value chains.

Where possible, we organize small-scale farmers around the food value chain and pro poor value chains that best meets local capacities and regional needs. SCOPEinsight will support us to exponentially accelerate our focus on demand-driven market development, entrepreneurship, access to capital and technology, and strategic private sector partnerships.


What will your first steps be?

–  By having the global partnership with SCOPEinsight we will be able to strengthen capacities in a targeted way and having a common language of professional farming, both internally and externally by training our personal staff at country level. This process will include the following stages

  1. International introductory webinar with key personal staff from Americas and Africa region to analyses the benefits, dimensions of the SCOPE assessment and to organize the assessment in the three regions, Americas, Africa and Asia.
  2. Training country staff of Heifer International in the Americas on SCOPE Pro assessment methodology including country directors, program manager, Project coordinators, business facilitator and financial officers. The training builds Heifer’s in-house capacity to use the assessment tools, allowing Heifer International to conduct the assessments by themselves.
  3. Training country staff of Heifer International in Africa and Asia on SCOPE Basic assessment methodology including country directors, program managers, agribusiness facilitators and financial officers.
  4. Conduct Assessments by Heifer International staff of all 20 farmer organizations that we’re working with, using the SCOPE Pro and SCOPE Basic tools. The assessments result in comprehensive insight into the business performances of Heifer’s farmer organizations.
  5. Data analysis. Heifer International can analyze and benchmark the results in order to develop a capacity building strategy to exponentially accelerate our focus on demand-driven market development, entrepreneurship, access to capital and technology, and strategic private sector partnerships.
  6. At impact level we expect in each region to facilitate market links, business deals and entrepreneurship.  Farmer organizations will be able to use the report and the results of the assessment to development and grow more competitive agri-businesses, cooperatives and social enterprises that attract capital and generate economic opportunities.
  7. Be part of the AMEA Network to share success stories, insights and learning points from the trajectory we have followed as well as doing connections with relevant private sector entities including financial organizations and social impact investors.


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