First independent company to offer an integrated approach to professionalizing agribusinesses

Africa Turnaround Limited is a 10 year old Kenyan based consultancy firm that works with entrepreneurs, including smallholder farmers and farmer organizations, to grow their businesses into large trans-generational enterprises, through rewarding market solutions. Their market solutions are delivered through market linkages and supported by financial linkages, training and business mentoring. Africa Turnaround believes that the small business can change Africa. They are very experienced in private sector development and have worked with many reputable organizations in Kenya and the East-Africa region.

“70% of Africans make a living through agriculture and by 2030, it will be a $1 trillion business annually. That being the case, we can’t fulfill our vision of leading Africa in transforming small businesses for wealth creation, without transforming the smallholder farming business! That explains our focus on deepening our work in agribusiness and by extension our partnership with SCOPEinsight and IFC’s Agribusiness Leadership Program (ALP).”

– Peter Nduati, CEO Africa Turnaround

Africa Turnaround is the first independent company has expanded their business by offering the full package of farmer professionalism: the standardized solution of SCOPE assessments in combination with IFC’s Agribusiness Leadership Program (ALP). The ALP supports long-term learning and performance improvement. This expansion adds to Africa Turnaround’s basket of standardized tools and approaches and enables them to professionalize the smallholder business, the farmer organizations and other agribusinesses including commodity retailers, input traders, and collection agents. This, in return, will lead to increased access to finance and markets resulting in improved African livelihoods.

Africa Turnaround is already an experienced implementer of SCOPE assessments and SCOPE aligned capacity building interventions. During the past years, Africa Turnaround implemented various training and coaching programs that were aligned with SCOPEinsight assessments. Recently, Africa Turnaround undertook a major scoping assignment across two East-Africa countries for a big Kenyan based East African bank. The bank’s program seeks to resolve constraints in access to technical training, financial services and markets for farmer organizations. The success of these client projects proves that this integrated way of working is needed.

Africa Turnaround supports local and international organizations with the implementation of the four step integrated program that comprises assessments, training, coaching and market linkages:

Step 1. Trained and certified assessors conduct SCOPE assessments.

Step 2. To determine the goals and needs of every agribusiness, in parallel a training needs assessments is carried out by talking to the client, producer organizations, smallholders and others in the value chain.

Step 3. The standardized ALP program, consisting of training and coaching, is then customized based on the SCOPE baseline assessments and training needs assessment reports.

Step 4. Trained ALP trainers and coaches deliver the capacity building program. At the end of the ALP program, agribusinesses have learnt everything they need to create a business plan and how to achieve commercial results, such as getting access to finance and attracting new buyers.

After the program has been finalized, reassessments of the agribusinesses will be conducted with the same SCOPE assessment tool that was used during the baseline. In this way you can measure the impact of the program by comparing the scores before and after the program implementation.  For agribusinesses that have been able to become more professional, Africa Turnaround can facilitate market linkages. Africa Turnaround can also undertake a market systems analysis and design a linkage strategy as well as support execution of the same.

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