Agribusiness Booster
Agribusiness Booster on co-developing SCOPE Pro SME

Maarten Hasselman, Business Acceleration Officer at Agribusiness Booster, explains how they use the SCOPE solutions and why they wanted to co-develop the new SCOPE Pro SME with us.


What were your reasons to help co-develop a new assessment tool?
– We have been using SCOPEinsight’s tools since the beginning of the Agribusiness Booster. We use them to identify gaps and issues in potential companies. We noticed that not all questions in the SCOPE Pro assessment were relevant for the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises that we are working with. We needed a tool that would fit better to the language and the core business of an SME. You cannot talk to an SME in the same way as to a farmer organization, that creates confusion. We were happy to provide our experience and insights in these companies when helping SCOPEinsight in their product development.

How will the SCOPE Pro SME make your work easier?
– We are building a portfolio of 100 SMEs in agri and food sector, with a goal to help them grow through our business development support and investment capital. The new SCOPE Pro SME will help us identify areas where extra service is needed and develop a pathway for how to move forward and improve the companies. After the assessments we can quickly see the missing elements and better target our efforts.

What more potentials do you see in the tool?
– The assessments can help to proof the investment-readiness of our portfolio companies when we exit and we are looking for a follow-up investor. We would also like to see guidance in what specific business development support is needed to score 5 instead of 2. For the best possible impact we also want to use it as an evaluation tool and perform regular re-assessments.

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