10 things you may not know about SCOPEinsight

SCOPEinsight is not the same company as it was a few years ago. We are constantly listening to the feedback from our clients and adjusting, moving and improving and we put together a list of 10 things you may not know about SCOPEinsight:

  1. The SCOPEinsight tools are not credit scoring tools
    Our tools help gather valuable data, which leads to Business Intelligence that can be used for a wide range of purposes. How the data is used is determined by the user. A few examples:
    – Use the insights in strengths and weakness to develop a focused capacity building plan, for a more targeted intervention.
    – Benchmark performance of farmer organizations or SMEs and compare progress with other regions or countries within your organization.
    – Enable farmer organizations build a track record that will earn trust and facilitate access to finance and markets.
    – Financial Institutions can use the information
    – Seize market opportunities, by being able to select those cooperations that meet your criteria to provide a consistent supply of high-quality agricultural products.
    – Demonstrate the impact of your activities to the funders of your program.
  2. SCOPEinsight does not conduct assessments
    We have changed our business model, which means that we train and certify the staff of our clients – or their local partners – to conduct assessments themselves. Their network and experience on the ground makes them very capable to conduct assessments and it also allows to build on their knowledge of the local setting. Using our experience, we advise our clients on how to manage the assessments efficiently, avoiding the commonly made mistakes. Also, we have an escalation system in place in case assessments are delayed or when the quality of data is poor.
  3. Our tools are suitable for a wide range of farmers and their organizations
    In close cooperation with our partners, experts and users, and based on their valuable feedback we have developed assessment tools for different types of organizations in agriculture – from less mature and unorganized farmer organizations (SCOPE Basic) to well organized and more mature cooperatives (SCOPE Pro). For both these tools we have also developed a version for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). As per the beginning of 2017, we have launched our newest product which is for an individual farmer – a lead farmer – that has a special role in a group like training, dispersing loans or collecting goods (SCOPE Agent).
  4. The SCOPE Pro Profile provides around 85% of the information needed by Financial Institutions in their credit appraisal process
    On top of the 85%, the SCOPE Pro profile provides an additional 40% information, which the Financial Institutions usually do not collect themselves. As a result, FIs have indicated that the SCOPE Pro Profile provides them with a more complete picture, which helps them segment before they decide to do their due diligence, which leads to a higher success rate.
  5. SCOPEinsight is independent and objective
    SCOPEinsight is the only independent organization that offers assessment tools that focus on professionalism in agribusiness. A growing number of organizations use the SCOPE tools, which increases the added value of using this common language in the global agribusiness sector, as it facilitates exchanging information and making market linkages.
  6. Our assessment results create awareness and engagement in farmer organizations
    When the assessed farmer organization receives the assessment report they get an objective insight into their own performance and can easily see what areas they are good at and where there is still room for improvement. They can follow the progress of trainings, if re-assessment are conducted, and build a track record. Impact starts with empowering farmers to improve their own performance.
  7. SCOPE certified assessors are qualified for their assignments
    SCOPEinsight offers online and on-site assessor training. To qualify as a potential assessor you need to meet the following requirements:- An advanced education degree in the area of agriculture, forestry, chemical technology or food-related disciplines.
    – Demonstrable knowledge of and experience with agricultural value chains and farmer organizations / SMEs
    – Preferably background in relevant certification, audit, inspection and related areas, such as environmental, health & safety, traceability systems
    – Excellent working language skills in English, French or Spanish, and the country’s official language for both verbal and written communication
    – Good computer skills and ability to work with online systems
  8. Other organizations build their business based on SCOPEinsight’s tools
    Many of our partners have realized that having trained and certified assessors create new business opportunities. They can offer this expertise for third parties and conduct assessments for them. They can also build their own network and credibility through the SCOPE Methodology.
  9. SCOPEinsight is building a pool of assessors
    We do not conduct assessments or manage our own assessors, but through our partners, we are building a pool of SCOPE certified assessors, who are open for assignments in their region. These assessors can either work independently or through an organization. The goal of the assessor pool is to broker between parties who do not have their own team in a certain country, but who do want to conduct assessments.
  10. A growing number of companies and organizations are jointly building a quality system based on the SCOPE methodology
    AMEA, the Agribusiness Market Ecosystem Alliance, is a growing group of organizations who are building a quality system on the common language. IFC has developed a curriculum to advance the professionalism of farmer organizations, called Agribusiness Leadership Program (ALP), which can be used by AMEA partners. ALP is training and coaching material that is perfectly aligned to the SCOPE Basic tool. AMEA intends to, together with its members, to also develop a curriculum for the SCOPE Pro. Furthermore, AMEA will set up an accreditation system for capacity building and develop a learning agenda, made possible as all partners use the same metrics, making it possible to compare and learn.