For mature and professional farmer organizations, ready to access finance and markets

SCOPE Pro is an in-depth assessment tool, providing detailed information on organizational and financial performance to potential business partners of the farmer organization.

Target group

Professional farmer organizations with a management board and financial records.

Assessment process

DimensionsSCOPE 3.0 score picture.2.1
The management professionalism and business viability of farmer organizations is assessed on 9 dimensions, visualized in the graph on the right.

The assessment is done by a trained assessor in a 2-day focus group discussion with the management of the farmer organization.

Data collection
For each dimension, the assessor scores several topics on a scale of 1 to 5. The assessor also collects data and documentation from the farmer organization, such as its business plan and financial statements.

An accountant conducts a financial assessment based on the financial statements. The assessor and accountant submit their findings via the SCOPE application. This application, with integrated quality control functions, is linked to a Dashboard, from which the assessment data and reports can be monitored, analyzed and downloaded.


SCOPE Pro Profile, for detailed financial, organization and production information, as well as data, documentation and benchmarking required by (potential) business partners.

SCOPE Pro Assessment Report, for comprehensive insight into the strengths and weaknesses of a farmer organization on all assessed dimensions.

Consolidated Report, summary, comparison and analysis of data for every assessment project that includes more than 5 farmer organizations.


Our pricing is based on assessment bundles, offering cost effective package deals with discounts.
New prices for 2017 will be published here shortly.


How it works

  1. Pick a bundle: Make a choice of the tools you need and number of assessments.
  2. Train your assessors, so you are ready to use the bundle.
  3. Conduct assessments, to gather the data.
  4. Analyze data: the outcome of the assessments provides you with detailed information on the level of professionalism of each farmer organization.

The bundle is valid for one year and can be used globally.